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Types, Symptoms, and Treatments of The Book Slump Cold


Hello fellow booklovers!

Who has ever been affected by the common book slump? Who is currently plaqued by it now? *raises both hands* That’s right I’m in a book slump! Oh the horror, woe is me!

I’ve been in this slump for almost a month already and I’m sick of it. The least I can do is provide awareness of this sickness and hopefully write this slump out of my system.

What is a book slump? Well other than being a bookworms worst nightmare, a book slump is when you simply can’t read. You just can’t read for whatever reason and it’s frustrating! Sometimes you know its coming and other times it just hits you.

There is no absolute cure for the book slump cold but there are various treatments to help alleviate the symptoms.


There are many different causes and types of reading slumps. However, the symptoms remain the same, but intensity varys from person to person. You might experience:

  • Wanting too read but not wanting to read (ie: no motivation)
  • Jealousy toward those who aren’t in a slump
  • Aggression towards your current read (even though it’s probably not its fault)
  • Distancing yourself from your ever piling TBR (and possibly still buying more books)
  • Reminiscing on the times when you could read freely
  • Thinking about your favorite books excesssivly (also wondering whether your favorite characters are happy and well)
  • Contemplating whether you should just reread all of your favorite books instead of your unread ones
  • Constantly complaining about being in a slump but not really making any effort to get out of it
  • Bingewatching any and all Netflix shows/movies

Types and Treatments

More research on this bookish phenomenon is currently underway. Although the cause of this illness is still being studied by our top booklovers in the world, research has shown that there are three most common slumps that affect every bookworm at least once in their lives.

The “Life Gets In The Way” Slump

We all know this slump. It’s the kind of slump that’s annoying. You want to read. You want to be immersed in fiction (or nonfiction if that’s your cup of tea). You just want to lay in bed and read a good book. But then LIFE HAPPENS! You know what I mean? You suddenly get bombarded with so much responsibilities, you can’t find time to read. Whether its school, work, family, or friends. Something major happens when all you want to do is read.


As much as we all would love to just sweep our responsibilities under the rug and remain blind to the world, that can’t happen. All we can do is go with what life hits us. Its okay to have a life outside of the book community. All you can do is to focus on finishing/fixing whatever it is as fast as you can so you can return to the land of books.

The “No Motivation/Tired” Slump

Have you noticed yourself picking up a book, reading a couple of pages and then putting it down? Then you pick up a different book, read a couple of pages and then put that down? Well if so, then your suffering from what we call the “No Motivation/Tired” Book Slump. This slump happens for many reasons, the most common being that you’re just tired of reading. It mostly occurs after a fast reading period. You just have no motivation to read and every time you pick up a book, it just never works. (This is the slump I’m currently under)


There are two methods you can use. First, is to take a break. You are tired from reading as strange as that sounds. Watch some Netflix. Go outside. Play video games, if you’re interested. Do anything you want to do that doesn’t involve reading. As sad as this is, you need to distance yourself away from books for as long as you need too. Second, you can re-read your favorite books! Maybe they can spark that love for reading again.

The “Book Hangover” Slump

Ever recently read an amazing book that you can’t stop thinking about? You pick up a new book but you always end up comparing it to that awesome book. You constantly wonder if your favorite characters are eating well. You’re just too afraid of starting another book because you know it won’t live up to this book.


NOTHING. Don’t read another book, don’t force yourself to. Just embrace your love for this book. Go on pinterest and look up aesthetics. Go on Tumblr and revel in theories and fanart. Post that book in every one of your social medias. Scream your undying love for this book on top of a rooftop. Just do whatever you need to do to get it out of your system. The only sure way to get over this slump is time, so just let the love go!


The Book Slump Cold isn’t a long-term disease but you will experience relapses. Just remember that it’s okay to be in a slump. Don’t stress yourself out. Don’t worry about your Goodreads goal or your TBR pile. Worrying will not help you. Stressing over something you have no control over will only make things worse. Reading is our hobby, it is not a chore so don’t make it one. 

That’s all for this post! What do you guys think about book slumps? Have any of you experienced the slumps that I mentioned? Do you know other types of book slumps? What are some ways you overcome it? I’d love it of you guys comment down below with your thoughts! 
– Janeli (The Underground Bookdom)

I’d like to give a shoutout to Nadia (WordsBeneathTheWings) for inspiring me to make this post with her original post of The Common Reading Slump: Types, Treatments, and the Pressure to Read! Y’all should check out her blog as well!


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