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May Enchanted Book Box Review


Hello fellow booklovers!

I absolutely adore book subscription boxes! I wish I had enough money to just get all of them because there are so many amazing ones. As sad as it may be, that can’t happen. However, I was able to snag a May Game of Thrones Enchanted Book Box.

Game of Thrones box + no self-control= -$$$. It was bound to happen!

This box is worth $38.00 not including shipping but this review will only tally up the amount of the box vs the total amount of the items cost. This is my very first book box review and I’m planning on making them all like this in the future. So you all will be aware if the amount of money you spend is equal to the box.

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Before I start I’d like to shout out the owner’s attention to detail! She personally sealed every spoiler letter in wax with a Stark seal and purposely made the paper have an old look to it. Mad props!

Mother of Dragons bookmark by Jessica Scissorhands 


This bookmark is beautiful! I love the watercolors and the attention to detail of the dragon eggs. It’s simplistically beautiful. This is my first bookmark from Jessica and I definitely will be getting more. This bookmark is priced at $3.96.


Game of Thrones Tea by Lo Skeever Ammiccante Tea


There were different flavored teas that were sent out. I got black tea with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cocoa nib, desiccated coconut, coconut, and spices. Honestly this combination makes me want to eat the tea instead of drinking it. Don’t blame me, there is chocolate chips inside. I have yet to try it but if the smell is as good as the taste then I’m sure I’ll love it! This tea is priced at $6.00.

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes Lip Balm by Nerdie Nifties

This lip balm smells exactly like lemon cakes and, even better, taste like it too. I don’t know about the rest of you but I love good tasting lip balm. Since I got it, I’ve been putting it on and then liking it off! This lip balm is priced at $5.00.

Kings Landing Candle by Flickering Tales

Honestly this scent should be bottled and sold as cologne. I’d love a man who’d smell like this candle. The scent is a mixture of musk, sea breeze, and spice. Heavan! This candle is valued at $7.00.

Authenticity Coin by Shire Post Mint

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This is such an original and cool item! It totally fits with the theme of Game of Thrones. There were different coins that were sent out based off of the Houses in Game of Thrones. I got House Stark or Rickard Stark (aka Ned aka Honorable Man aka ex-bae). The value for the set of Houses is $19.00 ($3.00 each).

Collector Card by Mystic Moon Mediallc


The details on this card is amazing! Daenarys looks exactly like Daenarys. I also love Drogon. Its such a magestic looking card, I love it! This card is valued at $3.00.

Coloring Book by Sweet Geek


This coloring book is filled with characters from Game of Thrones. The detail of the art work is amazing! There are many of my favorite characters and not so favorite characters in this little booklet. And honestly I’m so excited to start coloring this bad boy in. This coloring book is priced at $7.00.

“I drink and I know things” quote pin by Geektastic Creations

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I LOVE THIS PIN! I’d be lying if I said that Tyrion Lannister, the god of tits and wine, isn’t my favorite character. Like I love you Jon Snow but Tyrion is bae. This quote is one of my favorites and something I live by. This pin is valued at $1.00.

Dracarys bookmark by Paperback Paramour

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This is such a great item! I love bookmarks. Other than collecting books, I collect bookmarks too. It’s an addiction. This bookmark isn’t only beautiful on the front side but also on the back! Its a double sided bookmark with different designs both pertaining to the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenarys Targaryean. This bookmark is priced at $3.50.

Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts

As many of you know I already read this book through Netgalley and, if you read my review, I adored it! So it wasn’t a surprise for me when I saw that this was the book of the month. However, I’m so stoked to have hardcover copy of this amazing story!! The value of the book is $11.39.

Synopsis from my review:

Royal Bastards follows Tila Kent, bastard daughter of Lord Kent of the
Western Province. At sixteen, Tila spends her days exploring
forgotten tunnels and spends her nights drinking with the servants
with her stablehand half-brother Jax. Tila secretly longs to be
accepted by her father, wear fine gowns, and eat feasts with the
the rest of her family. Instead, Tila is forced to sit with the
other bastards, including Miles of House Hampstedt, who has been
In love with her since they were children. At a feast honoring the
crowned princess Lyriana, the royal shocks everyone by choosing to
sit at the Bastards Table. Before she knows it, Tila is leading
the sheltered princess on a late night escapade, along with Jax,
Miles and fellow bastard Zell, a Zitochi warrior from the North.
Where they witness a plan to start another Great War. Forced to 
run for their lives, this little group of bastards try to survive
long enough to warn the King of these treacherous plans.

This box was jammed packed with high quality Game of Thrones items and I’m so happy! The box came out at a total value of $50.85. In my opinion, I believe that the amount subscribers pay for the box is more than fair for the cost of the items.

I loved everything that was included in this box and can’t wait to see what other amazing boxes Enchanted Book Box will produce in the future!


What do you guys think of the box? What’s your favorite item? Have any of you bought a box from them? Are any of y’all interested in buying a box? Comment down below with your answers!

Note: Enchanted Book Box June #bookstafame box is SOLD OUT but they will be selling their July Grimmly Ever After box soon!


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