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Intimidating TBR Book Tag

Hello everybody! Long time, no tag huh? *crickets* That was a lame pun, I'm sorry. Anyways, today I'm doing the Intimidating TBR Book Tag! And guess what? I was actually tagged to do this one...... like a year ago...... I'm so so sorry @MeredithReads! At least I'm doing it now right? Better late than never?...... I… Continue reading Intimidating TBR Book Tag

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Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Hello fellow book lovers! Who saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie?! I saw it the day it came out and ever since then I've been obsessed. It's amazing and whoever hasn't seen it, I recommend you do! So in honor of the movie (and my newly found obsession) I'm doing this book tag!… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Book Tag