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Intimidating Books I Want To Read

Hello fellow book lovers! Have you ever wanted to read a book desperately but you're intimidated by it? It could be because of the size, what you heard about the book, the hype surrounding it. There are multiple reasons why a book would be considered intimidating. I, for one, have a couple of books on… Continue reading Intimidating Books I Want To Read

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Geekerella Review: Fandom? Cosplay? Oh My! 

Hello fellow booklovers! I had recently finished reading Geekerella by Ashley Poston as an e-arc (eBook advanced copy) that was given to me by Netgalley. I'm utterly grateful that my request for this book was accepted and I was able to read it! Geekerella follows geek girl Elle Whittier. She lives and breathes Starfield, the… Continue reading Geekerella Review: Fandom? Cosplay? Oh My! 

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Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Hello fellow book lovers! Who saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie?! I saw it the day it came out and ever since then I've been obsessed. It's amazing and whoever hasn't seen it, I recommend you do! So in honor of the movie (and my newly found obsession) I'm doing this book tag!… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

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Retellings I Intend To Read

Hello fellow booklovers! Today's post is about retellings I intend to read in the future. Most of these I've heard of recently and don't currently have a copy but there are some that I actually have with me but I haven't gotten to reading. I'd like to think I read a lot of retellings but… Continue reading Retellings I Intend To Read

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Top Bookstagram Accounts You MUST Follow

Hello fellow book lovers! I'm here to inform you of the best bookstagrammers. At least in my opinion. Now some of you may be wondering, what is bookstagram? Well I'll tell you. Bookstagram is a small community in the social media app, Instagram, where people post artistic pictures of books and where you can talk… Continue reading Top Bookstagram Accounts You MUST Follow


New Year, Fresh Start

Hello fellow booklovers, it is currently 2017. New year, new me. Or in my case new blog. When I first started this blog I thought that I would be more disciplined with it. That I would post weekly and gain a decent number of followers. But alas, that didn't happen. I only posted once a… Continue reading New Year, Fresh Start